Re-Animator Dr. Herbert West and Dr. Carl Hill 3.75" Scale Retro Action Figure 2 pack

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Item Specific: Monstarz proudly presents the first ever Re-Animator action figure two pack!

"Wesssssssssst...Youuuuuuuuuu... Bassssstaaaaaarrrrrd!"

This action figure two pack is in a retro style that will fit in perfectly with most 3.75in scaled action figure lines.
Action figure 2 pack features:
Dr. Herbert West in lab coat.
8 points of articulation (Neck, Shoulders, Elbows, Waist and Hips)
Needle of "Reagent".
and figure stand.
Dr. Carl Hill features:
7 points of articulation (Neck, Shoulders, Elbows and wrists)
2 interchangeable Heads.
1 X Regular Dr. Hill
1 X Medical model head
2 sets of interchangeable hands
1 X Set regular hands
1 X Set holding Dr. Hill's severed head.
Dr. Carl Hill "Bat Head"
and figure stand.
Fantastically packaged in a retro styled card.
"Death Is Just The Beginning..."
Limited to only 1650 pcs!
Please note the Dr. Hill Figure will not have the Blood splatter on it.

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